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Bostik Porcelain-Mate Polymer-Modified Portland Cement Thin Set Mortar White G00769-8C1

SKU: G00769-8C1

$24.99 per

Key Features

  • For interior or exterior installations
  • Exceeds ANSI A118.4
  • Excellent working characteristics


Bostik Porcelain-Mate is for interior or exterior installations to set all types of ceramic, porcelain, granite, slate, marble, limestone and dimensional stone tiles. Use over properly prepared concrete, cement backer board, cured mortar beds, brick, cement block, and Bostik GoldPlus.


Apply a thin coat of Bostik Porcelain-Mate with the flat edge of trowel to achieve a good mechanical bond to the substrate. Apply additional mortar with the appropriate size notched trowel. If any evidence of skinning or setting occurs, remove and re-apply fresh mortar. Apply mortar to an area no greater than can be tiled in 20 to 30 minutes. Apply tile using a twisting motion into a fresh bed of mortar to ensure maximum contact and bond. Periodically check back of tile to ensure proper transfer (interior applications—minimum 80% coverage; exterior, wet—minimum 95% coverage). Temperatures must be between 50°F (10°C)-100°F (37.8°C) during installation.
Note: If the appropriate coverage is not achieved, a larger trowel notch may be required. A finished mortar bed thickness of 3/32” to 1/8” is required.

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