Hardwood Flooring will add beauty and prestige to you home and give you a sense of comfort, knowing you made a good investment. In today’s market, there are a lot of flooring products to fit any flooring need you may, however, hardwood flooring is known for its beauty. For centuries, hardwood flooring has been used, from the castles of Europe, to the log cabins of the US. Known for its durability and strength, it has many attributes that other flooring products don’t offer.
DWF truehardwoods.com was established to provide you with the best hardwood product on the market. We carry every major hardwood brand from Shaw, Mohawk, Anderson, Somerset and many more. Give us a call at (844) 744-7558, and let one of our professional sales staff help you make a good decision on the type of flooring you need. There are a lot of things that need to be considered when installing a hardwood floor, such as: the type of sub-floor, the level, and your climate.
Hardwood flooring will work in most homes and climates. We can help you decide if an engineered or solid will be best. Then, you can decide from the many colors and styles such as: hand-scraped, distressed, wire-brushed, or traditional smooth finish. Check out our collections below to browse through colors and styles.
Anderson hardwood flooring is the time-honored choice for the American home owner. Its enduring warmth reflects the essence of family life and, at Anderson, they revere family. In fact, Anderson Hardwood Flooring began as a small, family-owned business in 1946, and today they are one of the nation’s leading hardwood manufacturers.


We think it’s because they unite superb craftsmanship, impeccable quality, and innovative design to offer virtually all American-made hardwood flooring that’s simply unmatched in beauty and durability. With Anderson Hardwood Flooring, you can find just about any style, color, or design you may be looking for to make your home one-of-a-kind. With hardwood flooring, there are a lot of choices on the market today, but none can compare to the milling and the finish of an Anderson Hardwood Flooring.


Armstrong Hardwood is a brand of hardwood flooring that you can trust and they have stood the test of time. Armstrong is one of the most well-known names when it come to flooring, all types of flooring. Also, as a consumer, Armstrong Hardwood knows the market; They know what you expect. Why Armstrong Hardwood? Because the milling and the finish is great and it will be decades before you ever have to re-finish. Check out the many Armstrong Hardwood Flooring styles and brands on the collections page and we are confident that you will find the floor that suits your expectation. Give us a call at (844) 744-7558. Our sales staff is waiting to answer any question you may have.


Bruce Hardwood Flooring is known worldwide with their many styles and designs to choose from. Why Bruce Hardwood Flooring? It’s simple. Bruce is the most-recognized brand on the market. If you are looking for a solid hardwood, then Bruce is the leader. Bruce also has many engineered styles to choose from, such as hand-scraped, rustic, or even wire-brushed. Check out the selection of Bruce products and then give us a call, so we can answer any questions you may have.


CFS Flooring has a variety of flooring to choose from such as: Solid, Engineered, Bamboo and Cork. Also, they offer a variety of styles from these categories and some are top-quality. Two of our most popular lines are: CFS Fiji, which is a beautiful collection of hardwood that features an old-fashioned rustic look. Also, the Melissa II Collection is very popular. It is one of the only truly hand-scraped floors on the market. The hand-scraping technique means that no two floors will look alike, meaning that you will have a truly unique floor to feature in your home.


Mannington Hardwood has the right looks, right now. From sleek, exotic teak to rustic, wide plank cherries and hickories, you’ll find just the right look to make your room warm and inviting. Mannington Hardwood believes in quality and that’s what they produce. Mannington Hardwood has been around for decades producing the best product possible, setting the standard for the market. When deciding on a hardwood flooring, there are many choices on the market today, so do your homework, take your time, and give us a call.


Mohawk meticulously crafts premium woods. Mohawk hardwood offers an incredible array of  stylish options for your home. From rich honey tones, to gentle natural hues, from vintage hand-scraped distressed, to classic smooth. There’s a Mohawk hardwood to fit any look you desire. From domestic natural maple, to exotic Brazilian Cherry, the color you select will dramatically affect your room, and our hardwoods are available in cool smooth or intricate textured surfaces.

Mohawk hardwoods come in shades and textures that enhance your home’s character and value for years to come. Hardwood floors perform differently in various environments. Find the perfect combination of strength and beauty for your home with engineered, solid, or longstrip wood planks. For years of lasting beauty and superior protection, check out Mohawk hardwood’s CrystalShield™, the exclusive Aluminum Oxide Ceramica or Natural Oil finish.

Many of Mohawk’s engineered hardwoods include reclaimed wood from dismantled buildings. These woods find new life in Mohawk hardwood selections to help assure a more environmentally-friendly approach to flooring. Whether you’re looking for the charm of a standard solid wood or the beauty of reclaimed engineered wood, you’ll find the perfect floor with Mohawk hardwood. The collections available in hardwood flooring give you the ultimate choice in what’s best for your home. Let the natural character and first-class quality of Mohawk hardwoods transform your living space.

Shaw Hardwood Flooring is a clear leader in the hardwood flooring industry.  With several exciting new products coming out to add to their already fabulous hardwood flooring line, you’ll surely be impressed.  If you’re looking for a solid or engineered product, Shaw’s product line has it all to offer.  They have solid oaks, maples, hickory, and tons of exotic species that will look good in any decor.