Lexmark Carpet



Lexmark Carpet is a well known name company that started in Dalton, Georgia. Lexmark Carpet Mills, Inc is one of the top manufacture in the residential and the commercial market. The ability that Lexmark has to produce their own yarn helps reduce big amounts of inventory and allows them to react and deliver quickly. Whatever your choice might be, you will find it in one of the Lexmarks collections. Overall the combination of service, styling, quality, and pricing has led to Lexmark becoming one of the largest sellers in the carpet market.    




Lexmark Tailored Collection, Splendid is one of the many well known Lexmark’s Tailored Collection carpets. The textured pattern is similar to tree bark. Altogether this Collection carpeting has unique patterns and sophisticated beauty, giving you that extra comfort.

Lexmark Living Collection has many unique textures that will catch your attention with their solid landscapes of colors. Living Collection offers Primus PET LexSoft Fiber, just like any of Lexmark Collections Carpets, making it a higher standard for any room.  

Lexmark Adorn Collection, Stunner is one of Adorn Collection many tones that brings classic structure appearances to any room. These products are available in many fashionable colors. 




Lexmark Collection not only has the best colors and textures, but also makes it affordable. Order online or give us a call and we will be pleased to help you.