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Carpet is soft and warm and really feels good under feet. Yes hard surface products are nice in high traffic area, but the trade off can be comfort. With carpet, your feet land on a nice warm surface in the morning, nice with the morning coffee. Then we have carpet tiles that add even more benefits such as; easy to transport even to the most remote sites such as high rise or back woods. Why? because they come boxed, so carpet tile is easy to handle a box at a time. Next would be the DIY factor which simply means do it yourself. Just follow the installation directions and you can’t miss. Carpet tiles save time and money making it one of our favorite flooring surfaces.        




 Most carpet use sustainable manufacturing practices by making efficient use of materials and natural resources, using alternative and renewable energy sources when possible (including a roof mounted solar array), and designing and operating our facilities and manufacturing processes in accordance with widely recognized sustainability and safety standards.





We carry most major carpet brands, so give us a call with any questions you may have.