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Palmetto Road Hardwood flooring stands out among its market by offering 50 year residential warranties. The finish is the aluminum-oxide based Valspar Enviro + Plus™, which is both durable and environmentally friendly. All of Palmetto Road’s products are hand scraped and have a classy, timeless look. Choose from a variety of widths and species:  Palmetto Road Hardwood Acacia comes in 4-3/4″, Hickory in 5″, Hickory in 4″, 5″, and 6″ random widths, and maple and oak in 5″ solids. Making a choice on hardwood flooring can be difficult to say the least, but here at Dalton Wholesale Floors we can help you with this process. We feel Palmetto Hardwood Flooring is a good choice because of the innovative ideals and their constant work to make a better product. The quality on Palmetto Road Flooring is incredible and should be considered

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Palmetto Road Acacia Hand Scraped hardwood flooring features the acacia species, known for its stunning knots and durability, being one of the hardest woods. Its 50 year residential warranty adds to the durability of the floor, while the hand scraped look beautifully accentuates acacia’s knots.

When Bella Cera makes a wire brushed they put a lot of skill into it, the skill it take to make a beautiful hardwood flooring.Twice the dramatic style. Twice the dazzling impact. Welcome to modern hardwood beauty—the Chalmers 2-Tone Collection. Flooring custom-crafted from the finest character-grade French Oak and Hickory finished with a dual splash of invention. 2-Tone features an unprecedented dual staining process with one color applied to (and enlivening) the wood grain and the second tone lying underneath. Each shade stays true, never mixing, eternally unique in clarity, transparency and hue. And yet complementing one another to produce a stunning visual effect. Embrace beauty times two today!

Bella Cera Hickory Hand Scraped hardwood flooring is rustic yet elegant in 5″ widths. The 50 year residential warranty ensures a long-lasting floor.

Bella Cera Maple Solid hardwood flooring features classic grains with a hand scraped look. These floors come with an astonishing 50 year residential warranty.

Bella Cera Reserve presents a hand scraped and hand stained hardwood flooring collection with a distressed surface and chiseled edges and ends. This set of delightfully warm colors make for a luxurious floor, featuring hickory, maple, and walnut. Random width planks in 4″, 6″, and 8″ create a unique, stylish look. A 50 year warranty keeps this floor looking fresh.