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As a leading manufacturer of residential carpet, Phenix has been committed to producing the highest quality products since 2006. Using today’s most innovative technology, we make premium P.E.T. and nylon carpets that exceed industry standards, and we continue to be a pioneer and innovator in the solution-dyed arena.

At Phenix, were confident in the products we make and stand behind each and every one of them with excellent warranties. For carpet that offers style & value, excellence & beauty, quality & durability, look for the one carpet that rises above the competition – look for Phenix.







Different stores have different information about fibers and types of carpets? How do I chose a durable carpet?

Regardless of which fiber you choose, the construction of the carpet is what makes carpet durable. For durable, heavy traffic carpet you want to look for a dense construction (you don’t want to be able to easily see, or feel the backing of the carpet through the fiber). Shorter pile heights perform better in heavy traffic areas (like entryways, stairs, halls, playrooms) so choosing a pile height with a ½ of an inch or less will be more durable. If choosing a cut pile carpet, a tighter twist will be more durable than a looser twist. If choosing a Berber carpet, the smaller tighter loops will be more durable than the larger looser loop.

What is the difference between the black and white Carpet and Rug Insitute GLP label versus a green and white one?Some manufactures choose to use a generic label rather than CRI’s green and white label. Both labels mean the same, that the carpet is an extremely low-VOC product.

What type of cushion should I use under my carpet?Cut pile carpet should have a firm cushion that is no thicker than 7/16 of an inch. Berber carpet and most commercial carpet should have a very firm cushion no thicker than 3/8 of an inch. Carpet manufacturers have recommendations for cushion specifications.

I can see the seams in my room, but I was told they are not supposed to show.No seam is completely invisible. Seams should be kept to a minimum; running the length of the area and making sure that natural light will not hit across the seam are a few ways to minimize their visibility.  





OpulenceHD™ 100% Solution Dyed PET fiber provides a refined, luxurious look and feel that works harder to keep your carpet more beautiful with inherent stain and soil resistance. Products crafted with OpulenceHD fiber have a suede-like texture that creates an incredibly soft touch adding elegance and sophistication to any room. This fiber also offers high-definition pinpoint color articulation for precise designs creating a unique aesthetic to complement any home environment.

  • 100% Solution-Dyed PET Fiber
  • Inherent stain and soil resistance, including tough pet stains & urine
  • Incredibly soft touch and refined fiber looks/feels luxurious
  • Dense, suede-like texture
  • Patterns with high-definition pinpoint color articulation for precise designs
  • Superior light-fastness to protect against fading
  • Resistant to ozone fading

Phenix Flooring offers the only carpet with built-in Microban® antimicrobial technology, offering a new level of cleanliness.

  • Lifetime protection against growth of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Microban is best-known brand of built-in antimicrobial protection among consumers
  • Microban technology is found throughout the home in products by Rubbermaid, Moen and more
  • Surfaces with Microban technology remain 99%* cleaner from bacteria and odors than untreated surfaces
  • Carpet stays cleaner between cleanings
  • Same technology used in medical products and military gear
  • Built in, works 24/7 for life of carpet
  • Used in products already in home—brands like Rubbermaid, Martha Stewart Living, Bissell, Moen and New Balance

*In lab studies, products treated with Microban technology are protected against 99% of the bacteria and odors found on unprotected surfaces.

SureFresh™ Odor Capture Technology is built into our Cleaner Home carpet and eliminates a broad range of household odors, helping your entire home feel fresher.

  • Eliminates a broad range of household odors
  • Actively neutralizes bad odors by capturing them from the air and breaking up the odor molecules
  • Improves freshness throughout the home
  • Works on pet accidents, kitchen smells, second-hand smoke and more
  • Built in, works 24/7 for life of carpet

Dream your ideal home and begin to fashion it, as you get lost in the feeling and comfort underfoot of the SureSoft™ and SureSoftSD™ collections from Phenix. Made from the softest P.E.T. fibers, SureSoft™ and SureSoftSD™ carpets afford you greater flexibility to reflect your unique style–make it the foundation of your home’s design.

ColorSense Technology™ is a proprietary process that delivers discrete color placement, resulting in a complex random aesthetic. Individually colored yarns are carefully blended to achieve on overall balance of tone, and create a dynamic palette of multi-colored carpets—which will give the consumer color flexibility in developing her room.

STAINMASTER® PetProtect™ carpet is pet friendly, has unsurpassed protection and exceptional durability. It resists difficult pet stains, reduces pet odors, and easily releases pet hair.

STAINMASTER® Active Family™ carpet is made for life’s messiest moments. It is durable for active households, and stain and soil resistant.