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Why Kährs Hardwood They’ve been manufacturing quality wood since 1857. You’re buying floors that live up to all of your expectations. With Kährs Hardwood there’s more than 100 varieties, so it’s easy to find your favorite. Kahrs Hardwood the inventor of engineered hardwood floors, so you can expect 1st class quality in every respect. It’s also Europe’s most popular hardwood brand. With its natural beauty and technical excellence, you can get up to a Lifetime guarantee.

Whichever Kährs floor you choose, you can be sure of one thing: You’ll own a floor created by nature and crafted using the very best technology, with total respect for the environment.

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Kahrs Activity Floor is specially designed for sports use. It is approved for the global standard for sports floors, DIN, and it is used at major sporting events, such as FISAF World and European Aerobics Championships. It is thicker than Kahrs’ other floors at 1-3/16″ and includes a fourth layer. Armed with an absorption layer (resilient element), using layers of polyethylene and polyether, the floor gains the energy absorption qualities it needs for intense activity. This springy floor can be installed quickly over large areas by floating with the Woodloc installation method. Kahrs introduces their newest line for 2015, the Canvas Collection. For the past few years, the market has been demanding products that are low luster, with earth colored tones and natural greys. Kahrs in all their innovative ability has introduced the Canvas Collection to supply this demand. As many know about the Kahrs product, they only use the highest quality of wood products and craftsmanship to manufacture their products with. Kahrs Sonata 

Based out of Sweden where its really dry, the Kahrs Canvas Collection is designed to withstand drastic weather conditions. It has a matte, water-based finish with a 3 mm wear layer, so it can resurfaced if need be, or the product can be sanded and finished. The surface is slightly wirebrushed that accents the products ability to mimic a worn floor. Comprised of oak and one walnut color, in 16 color choices, the Kahrs Canvas Collection has variety that can be used from beach houses to high-rise apartments.

 Kahrs Sonata Collecton is a three layer locking product that can be refinished two times and has a spruce/ pine core.

The Avanti Collection of 3-strip planks from Kahrs is called the Tres Collection. Tres features a variety of highly sought after wood species and colors. These 13mm thick,click locking planks are suitable for both residential and commercial applications and feature the Kahrs Woodloc joints, making installation quick and simple.


The Kahrs American Naturals collection contains four domestic species which include american cherry, hard maple, red oak, and walnut. This collection is designed in different combinations of edging, surface treatment, finish, and design pattern to give you the look you desire in your home or office floor. Also the Kahrs patented Woodloc installation will give your hardwood floor the stability and durability to last for years. Please view all of the Kahrs American Naturals collection below and call 844-498-7444 or email with any questions.

Woodloc Installation Methods: Float or Glue Down

Kahrs American Traditionals is a collection of classicly colored white and red oaks, topped off with either a lovely silk matte or glossy finish. A choice of the 1- or 3-strip look lends even more elegance to your floor. The Kahrs patented Woodloc installation makes installation quick and will give your hardwood floor the stability and durability to last for years. Please view all of the Kahrs American Traditionals collection below and call 877-657-4400 or email with any questions.

Kahrs Wood Loc Natural Oil

Kahrs Artisan Collection A rustic, hand scraped product. coloured and natural oil. the boards may contain large knots and cracks.