Capella Hardwood brings you styles with natural character. Each plank is unique in color and texture. These products are classified as rustic with knots, filled checks, and large mineral streaks. Styles include engineered, wire-brushed, solid, and hand-scraped. Every plank varies in stain color, creating beautiful and one of a kind patterns.




Each Capella collection brings you its own natural characteristics including knots, filled checks, and large mineral streaks. Knots are the imperfections caused by living wood grain that grows around branches. Filled checks are the cracks that appear when wood dries. These cracks are filled with an epoxy, bonding the wood to prevent further expanding. Large mineral streaks are the discolored olive and greenish-black areas that appear in many hardwoods. These characteristics can be found in each engineered, solid, wire-brushed, and hand-scraped collection.




Capella collections have a limited 15-year residential warranty.