Floors For Life



Floors for life has one thing in mind, you their customer. With a great understanding of the market and the demand of quality you desire. Floors for life is a innovative company and even offers to customize a hardwood just for your home. They offer just about any species and color you desire. Coming soon to our web-site we will have pictures of all the product they offer. If you have any questions or need more information then give us a call here at DWF/truehardwoods,com.     




Floors for life offers a 3/4″ solid hardwood as well as a engineered product that comes in a 5″ and 7″ product with a 3 1/2 mm face on it.        




Floors for life can customize your flooring for you. You select the species the color and the profile. Send us a sample of you color, species and profile and we will send you back a sample to approve.


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