Bostik D-2001 Ultra-Premium Performance Ceramic Tile Mastic 3.5 gal D70UP2

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Bostik D-2001 Ultra-Premium Mastic is a high performance adhesive for the interior installation of all types of ceramic and stone tile (except moisture sensitive marble). Bostik D-2001 Ultra-Premium Mastic is ready to use for a fast, professional installation and provides excellent vertical grab for large bodied tiles. Bostik D-2001 Ultra-Premium Mastic exceeds the requirements of ANSI A136.1 Type I and II.


Apply a thin coat of Bostik D-2001 Ultra-Premium Mastic using the flat side of the trowel to achieve a good mechanical bond to the substrate, then spread the mastic with the recommended size notched trowel for the type of tile being installed. Apply no more than can be tiled in 20-30 minutes. Do not set tile after a skin has formed on the mastic. If skinning occurs, re-apply fresh mastic before continuing. Press or twist individual tile or sheets of tile into the combed mastic. Check a tile or sheets of tile occasionally to ensure at least 95% coverage on the back of the tile. Always beat the tile in with a rubber face beating block to ensure maximum contact and bond. Proper installation requires a finished mastic bed thickness of 1/32″ after beat-in. Avoid mastic squeeze up between tiles. Do not walk on floors set with Bostik D-2001 Ultra-Premium Mastic for at least 12 hours unless walking boards or plywood sheets are used.

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