Naturelle Cork is as luxurious as fine wines and their corks, with a skin pore (pocked) texture on every 17.9″ square tile. The wear layer is micro-ceramic enhanced to deliver a 25 year residential warranty and a 10 year commercial warranty. Plus these tiles are made from 2/3 post-consumer recycled content and are 100% recyclable after use.       




Size: 17.9″ square tiles
Thickness: 3 mm
Wear Layer: 12 mil – Micro-ceramic enhanced
Embossing: Skin pore (pocked)
Gloss: Low
Warranty: 25 Year Residential Warranty, 10 Year Commercial Warranty
Carton Size: 35.65 Square Feet       




Naturelle Cork has a very nice look that brings an amazing and luxurious feel that you want when you want a sophisticated looking floor. It has a low gloss look, so the floor is protected, but doesn’t have so much gloss that you can’t see the floor. It has a 25-year Residential Warranty and a 10-year Commercial Warranty.






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