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Pinnacle Hardwood Elegantly beautiful and exceptionally durable and forms the foundation of style and design for each room in your home, office or place of business. Rich and vibrant color, underfoot comfort, naturally hygienic, environmentally friendly and easy to care for, Pinnacle Hardwood is the perfect solution for those who seek fashion, function and affordability. Hardwood Flooring will add beauty and prestige to your home, you have worked hard for your home and it’s something you value. Pinnacle Hardwood feels the same way, that you should have the best quality possible that should last a life time.

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The Pinnacle Forest Knoll is a great addition to the Pinnacle line. It comes heavily handscraped and distressed, giving the appearance of an old fashiioned handscrafted floor. With a 3 mm veneer, the Forest Knoll can be sanded and finished unlike most engineered products in its class. Its not uncommom that old floors should have a longer board length, so why would Pinnacle choose to do anything different. The Pinnacle Forest Knoll comes random lengths up to 72″, making rooms seem more streamlined and visualy stunning. From greys, to your typical brown color, to the lighter stains, you should be able to find a color to match any decor.

Pinnacle is making huge efforts in the hardwood flooring industry to gain market share in the latest designs and trends. The Grand Reserve collection is one that is taking them to the next level. This product comes in random lengths up to 72″, which is very rare for an engineered floor. Pinnacle is known for their ceramic finish which protects the Grand Reserve with a 50 year warranty. With the oil-finished look becoming more popular, the Grand Reserve meets that demand but at a fraction of the cost. Though its not oil-finished, it has the look and feel of an oil-finished floor, complete with handscraping and wire-brushing

Pinnacle has become an industry leader in style and durability with their new introductions. The Pinnacle Hearthstone Random is a new, affordable 3/8″ product coming in a 5″, 6″, 7″ plank. Its very rare to have a 3/8″ product with longer lengths, but Pinnacle has answered the call, boasting random lengths up to 72″. With 10 elegant colors to choose from, in hickory and maple, the possibilities are endless. The Hearthstone is backed by Pinnacle’s 25 year ceramic finish.