Aztec Wave
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Tuftex Palladio Aztec Wave 00928

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DESCRIPTION We believe shopping for flooring should be as simple and straightforward as you need it to be. The flooring products you choose for your home should be timeless, complementary and curated for your preferences. We take a holistic and consumer-centric approach to marketing and product development. Today’s shopper demands a simplified shopping experience both in-store and online. Anderson Tuftex is listening to the expectations of you as we focus on designing timeless products and providing exceptional service that addresses your needs. Rather than overwhelming you with a sea of options, we’re dedicated to crafting flooring that serves as a canvas for your life. Down to the very twist of our fibers and the knots in our wood, we’re dedicated to timeless, purposeful design. Tuftex Palladio offers 30 colors. From the lightest color, Tranquility, to the darkest color, Black Cosmic, you’re sure to find the color that suits your taste. Tuftex Palladio is a texture carpet made from nylon with Stainmaster. Stainmaster makes carpet extremely durable and easy to clean. It is also stain resistant so food and beverage spills are a cinch to clean. This makes Tuftex Palladio perfect for the active family. SPECIFICATIONS FLOORING TYPE: CARPET STYLE: Z6844 PALLADIO COLLECTION: ANDERSON TUFTEX SIGNATURE FIBER: 100% STAINMASTER® TYPE 6,6 BCF NYLON FIBER BRAND: STAINMASTER TRUSOFT WIDTH: 12 FT STYLE TYPE: TEXTURE FACE WEIGHT: 44.80 OZ./SQ.YD. STAIN TREATMENT: STAINMASTER BACKING: SOFTBAC PLATINUM MADE IN THE USA: YES COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: USA FEATURES SOFTBAC PLATINUM STAINMASTER TRUSOFT 100% STAINMASTER® TYPE 6,6 BCF NYLON

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