Mannington Carthage Brights 3509 Cloisonne

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Product Specifications  CARTHAGE BRIGHTS – 20 oz — 26 oz INFINITY RE MODULAR 

PHYSICAL CONSTRUCTION: CONSTRUCTION: Graphic Loop Pile FACE FIBER: Invista Antron Legacy Type 6,6 Four Hole, Hollow Filament Nylon, with Permanent   Stain and Bleach Protection, Static Control, and Duratech Soil Resistant Treatment  DYE METHOD: Solution / Yarn GAUGE: 1/10 STITCHES PER INCH: 10 PILE THICKNESS: .108 Inches   TUFTED YARN WEIGHT: 20 Ounces Per Square Yard DENSITY: Average Density = 6,666;  Weight Density = 133,333 PRIMARY BACKING: 100% Woven Synthetic SECONDARY BACKING: Infinity RE Modular Reinforced Composite Closed Cell Polymer with Recycled Content STANDARD SIZE: 24" X 24" Modular Tiles INSTALLATION METHOD: Monolithic; Other Methods at Owner’s Discretion 
ENVIRONMENTAL: RECYCLED CONTENT: Minimum 30% Total Recycled Content by Total Product Weight; Minimum 10%  Post-Consumer Recycled Content by Total Product Weight* MANUFACTURE LOCATION: Calhoun, Georgia 30701 USA NSF / ANSI-140 CERTIFICATION: Platinum CRI GREEN LABEL PLUS ID: GLP7616  
WARRANTIES: WARRANTY: Lifetime Limited Warranty, Including Face Wear, Moisture Barrier, Delamination,  Tuft Bind, Unraveling, and Static Protection BLEACH RESISTANT WARRANTY: ColorSafe with 15 Year Limited Warranty Against Color Loss from Bleach Spills STAIN RESISTANT WARRANTY: XGUARD with 15 Year Limited Warranty Against Staining  


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