Vintage, revisited and revived for modern dwellings and public spaces – that’s the takeaway with American Estates, Marazzi’s newest wood plank series in color body porcelain. The artisanal feel of hand-scraped, hand-oiled hardwood is authentically reproduced on a strong and durable porcelain body that withstands rigors – water, stains, freezing conditions – that are often the nemesis of real wood.       





  • Size: 9″ x 36″
  • Technology: Color Body Porcelain | Rectified
  • Application: Floor & Wall Tile





The Marazzi American Estates Tile comes in a variety of beautiful porcelain colors that really gives you that fancy artisan feel you want. The gloss and shine of the porcelain can be seen to be very smooth and protective against water, stains, freezing conditions, and anything that may give any other materials issues. 





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