Phenix Carpet Beautiful Intuition is one of those collection which features some of the most immense amounts of color options. This collection features up to 24 colors which all have a distinctive color and style to go along with them. It’s important to always have a distinctive looking floor that can bring a sense of fashion to your home or business. Another important thing to realize is how the floor is going to last and stand up to wears, tears, and stains for years to come. This will be no worry since there are countless warranties. Each warranty that comes with the collections will give an exceptional guarantee that your floor will last, while also having the freedom of returns.         




Type of Fiber- 100% Soft Solution Dyed P.E.T. Polyester Fibers
Construction- Cut Pile Texture
Pattern Repeat- NA
PAR- 3.25
Width- 12″
Type of Backing- Action Bac
Secondary Backing- Woven Polypropylene
Stain Treatment- SureBlok
Warranty- Lifetime Limited Abrasive Wear
Lifetime Limited Stain Resistance, includes resistance to PET Urine Stains
Lifetime Limited Fade Resistance
10 Year Limited Texture Retention
10 Year Limited Manufacturing Defects       




Phenix Carpet Beautiful Intuition is one of the most versatile collections on the carpet market. This collection alone features more characteristics and qualities than some whole groups of floors. This can be seen with the very large varieties of colors and warranties. Beautiful Intuition features some of the most relaxing and versatile colors. Having a large amount to choose from brings a sense of freedom, which is an important thing to have when considering a floor. Beautiful Intuition also features great amounts of warranties. The privilege of many warranties makes anyone who owns a floor feel more relieved. They feel relieved knowing that their floor is not only reliable on its own, but also protected and easy to replace. 


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