Mohawk Enduring Attraction



Mohawk Enduring Attraction is a patterned carpet, available in 24 attractive designs. Stain, fade, soil, and pet urine resistant, Mohawk Enduring Attraction is anti-static and offers a lifetime warranty. Mohawk Enduring Attraction also offers a 25 year warranty on abrasive wear, texture retention, fade resistance, and manufacturing defects. For more information, call Dalton Wholesale Floors at 844-744-7558.             




CONSTRUCTION: Pattern. Attractive designs & low profile, handles traffic in style.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Proudly made in U.S.A
PATTERN REPEAT: 1.5″ width x 1.5″ length
PILE HEIGHT: .461 inches





Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Stain Resistance
  • Soil Resistance
  • Anti-Static Resistance
  • Pet Urine

30 Day Warranty

  • Satisfaction Assurance

25 Year Warranty

  • Abrasive Wear
  • Texture Retention
  • Fade Resistance
  • Manufacturing Defects


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