US Floors COREtec Luxury Vinyl

What is luxury Vinyl flooring and why would I want it? This is a question you may be asking yourself as you choose your new floor. Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile is a vinyl product that, either comes in a realistic hardwood look along with texture to enhance feel and visual, or a tile that looks like stone or ceramic with impressions and texture to fool even the best eye.

Why is vinyl made if we have hardwood, stone and ceramic? The answer is all the flooring types have attributes that are not wanted by the consumer, such as ceramic is cold to the foot and can chip away over time. Also, while hardwood flooring is beautiful, the down side to hardwood is water. Hardwood swells and bends when exposed to water.

Luxury vinyl tile feels good under foot on those cold mornings and will stand up against water and wear.



Luxury vinyl plank is easy to install, has a real hardwood look and is built to withstand the curses of water. US Floors has the most innovative flooring product on the market. Coretec Plus is a luxury vinyl tile or plank that is completely waterproof. 

Wait a minute, did we just admit that it is waterproof?  Yes, we did.  This is the first hard surface product besides tile that can boast such a statement.  US Floors has backed this product, claiming it to be 100% water-proof, with a lifetime waterproof warranty.  The product consist of luxury vinyl adhered to the top of a patent pending core technology. 

The product will not contract or expand under normal conditions. Coretec Plus 5″ is a floating floor with an attached cork pad for extra comfort and sound absorption.

Coretec Plus also comes in a 7″, 9″ long plank. Looking for a Marbled Tile Look at an affordable cost?  Coretec Plus luxury vinyl tile comes in 12″ x 24″ or 18″ x 24″ tiles which will look wonderful in any kitchen.  With a lifetime wear and structure warranty, the US Floors Coretec Plus is an obvious choice for those seeking durability, style, versatility, and the ease of knowing that your floor will last no matter where you put it.