The TRUCOR 5 Series brings rigid vinyl choices that offer the charm of hardwood and stone, but are made to withstand the functions of your home or business at an affordable cost. TRUCOR 5 Series is ideal for your busy home or business with its natural foundation. Easy to install and maintain, TRUCOR 5 Series is a no-brainer for any home or business.




Size: 5.5″ x 48″
Composite Core: SPC
Core Thickness: 5.5mm
Pad Thickness: 1.5mm IXPE
Total Thickness: 7mm
Wear Layer: 20mil/0.5mm
Edge: Painted Bevel
Coating: TRUWEAR
Warranty: Lifetime Residential & 15 Year Commercial




TruWear Advanced Performance Finish

This feature allows for exeptional stain and wear resistance

Printed Decorative Film

This high resolution film provides clarity and authenticity of natural materials

Solid Polymer Core

High density SPC  offers a core that is waterproof, rigid, durable, and dent resistant

Wear Layer

A clear, vinyl layer that provides protection from wear and tear


An underlayment that reduces sound, conceals slight imperfections, and allows for underfoot comfort


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