Shaw Thoroughly Modern 12 has colors and designs are intentionally suited for urban spaces and multi-family housing – anywhere people enjoy forward thinking decor. This collection features clean simple-grained woods like white oak and maple- alongside striations that are wood-like but don’t represent a species. This design was created to avoid regional characteristics and works well for both west coast and east coast looks.        




Style: 5M206
Wear Layer: 12 mil
Collection: 5th and Main
Width: 6.00 in.
Length:36.00 in.
Installation Grade: ABOVE, ON, BELOW 
Residential Warranty: 25 year
Commercial: 7 year        




Shaw Thoroughly Modern 12 is a great floor for any urban spaces and, multi-family housing. If you have either of those, you will definitely find a suitable floor for you in this collection. Like most of the Shaw products, this floor tries to take the floors and make them with a lot more simple and relaxing designs and textures. Shaw doesn’t want to be one of those floors who tries to add the most amount of character as possible, but instead makes their floors more relaxing.





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