Shaw Resort tile showcases the intricate details of natural stone in a format that is easier to install than traditional tile. The Resort collection is also a reflection of popular trends and demand for groutable luxury vinyl tile. The rounded edges of this Shaw vinyl flooring product allow builders to grout these tiles for increased levels of realism.        




Style: 0189V
Collection: Array – Luxury Vinyl
Tile & Plank Look: RESILIENT TILE
Width: 16 in.
Length: 16 in.
Thickness: 1/8
Ft. per carton: 28.44        




Shaw Resort Tile is one among other few that bases their looks off the beauty of natural stone. Those unique stone looks stand out against the other wooden floors that are available in the market. Each plank has a Armour Bead finish to really bring out the colors of the floor, while keeping the durability and strength there for you. Good thing about this floor is you can place it just about anywhere. Being the stone floor it is, it is strong and resistant against anything you can imagine would cause issues.






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