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Shaw Luxury Vinyl

Shaw Vinyl Flooring Natural designs with a wood, tile, or stone look in the DuraTru™ collections, provide your home with the realistic styling to fit your needs, while staying under budget and keeping your floors above water.  Another benefit of the DuraTru™ technology is the incorporation of fiberglass cushioning into each plank so that the overall transmission of sound is reduced so much as to add another element of realism by aiding to create a more realistic sound to the footfall.  The Array™ luxury vinyl tiles and planks follow suit.  Having been created using virgin vinyl for higher levels of stability, and utilizing the same fiberglass cushioning from the DuraTru™ lines and the ArmourBead-enhanced surfacing, the Array™ collections are some of the most structurally stable resilient floors on the market today!

Shaw’s vinyl flooring is extremely durable and easy to clean, with the realistic look of wood, tile, or stone. Enjoy Shaw’s advanced technologies like StaTite for an easy floating installation, ArmourBead wear layer which is 5 times more durable than the typical polyurethane surface, and In Register Embossed, for truly realistic floors.


Shaw has also increased their production in the resilent department with the release of their Floorte line. Its a WPC (wood, plastic, composite) that is completely waterproof.