AxisPro12 is the floor for you if you have an active family or high foot-traffic. These planks are beautiful, durable, and are 12″ in width.




Type: SPC Multi-Layered Construction

Total Thickness with IXPE Attached Pad:  6.0mm

Size: 12″ x 24″

Wearlayer: 20mils

Embossing: EIR/Embossed in Register

Edges/Ends Profiles: Cut & Painted Beveled Edges

Pieces per Carton: 8 Pieces per Carton

Square Feet per Carton:  16 Square Feet Per Carton

Weight per Carton:  31.41 Pounds per Carton

Cartons per Pallet: 56 Cartons per Pallet

Square Feet per Pallet: 896.03 Square Feet per Pallet

Weight per Pallet: 1,812.19 Pounds per Pallet

Number of Pallets per 20′ Container:  24 Pallets per 20′ Container

Square Feet per Container: 21,505 Square Feet per Container  

Weight per Container: 43,493




SPC Multi-Layered Construction

Embossed in Register

Cut & painted beveled edges


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