Shaw Sequoia Hickory Engineered Hardwood SW539



Shaw Sequoia Hickory hardwood flooring is a heavy handcraped hickory offered in 8 colors, all in the hickory species. Of course, hickory is the hardest domestic specie that we have for flooring, so the Sequoia Hickory should stand up to more wear and tear. The beauty of this new product is the ability to customize the visual by changing the width variation. The product comes in widths of 5″, 6 3/8″, or a mixed-width 3 1/4″, 5″, 6 3/8″. So you can choose to go with the traditional single width 5″, or bring a little more character to the table with the wider 6 3/8″. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the mixed-width selection will separate you from others who have just a single width handscraped product. So, if you need style, and desire quality and performance, the Shaw Sequoia Hickory is an excellent option.       




Thickness: 3/8″
Width: 5″
Species: Hickory
Carton Size: 19.72 s/f
Warranty: Lifetime Wear Warranty
Construction: Epic Engineered, ScufResist Platinum
Installation: Above, On, or Below Grade
Glue, Staple, Nail, Float
Cartons May Contain Random Pieces
Made in the USA       




Shaw Sequoia Hickory is up to date with all the new trends and popular styles. The hand-scraped patterns and designs are the most perfect you can find on the market. And the strength is unbeatable. But, even with all these great features, the Shaw Sequoia Hickory is still always trying to up its game and bring even better things to you. It has a lifetime wear warranty to keep the look of the floor amazing as can be for the longest time possible.






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