Distressed hardwood flooring is a floor you can live on. Many times in years past, hardwood flooring was glossy and easy to scar and scratch, that is why distressed wire brushed flooring has became more popular on the market today.You don’t have to as concerned about the these things with the innovation on wear and indentions. Live and enjoy your flooring let the kids play Palmetto Road Distressed Hickory is character grade hardwood flooring that is lightly wire-brushed to preserve the natural beauty of its cracks and knots. Each plank’s edges and ends are also distressed by hand, creating a look that beautifully balances smoothness and character on this 4/5/6 variable width product. This hardwood is easy on the environment too, sealed with a custom 8-coat, UV-dried American Valspar™ stain and finish, which contain no added formaldehyde, ammonia or heavy metals.       




  • Design: Artisan Wire Brushed & ChiseledCharacter Grade Variable-Width Planks
  • Color: Brown
  • Gloss Level: Elegant Satin Finish
  • Edge Type: Hand Distressed & Hand Antiqued
  • Finish: 8-Coats Valspar Ultra-Transparent Aluminum Oxide
  • Thickness: 3/8″
  • Width: 4″/5″/6″
  • Length: 12 – 48 in | Varying lengths
  • Sq. Ft. Per Carton 19.69
  • Construction: Engineered





The Palmetto Road Distressed Hardwood basically gives you a reason to not be scared about your floor looking perfect, since it’s made to have a worn look. This is for the people who don’t want a perfect look. They want a more worn look that brings a lot of feel and character. The look and texture is all handmade. 





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