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Century Hardwood

Looking for a great hardwood flooring that is milled and finished to perfection, then Century may be your answer. Century has many styles and colors to choose from. If you are a builder on a budget, but still must deliver quality, Century Hardwood Flooring has you in mind.
While a lot of companies talk about being green, Century Flooring demonstrates environmental leadership in every step of the process. From selecting renewable resources to eliminating ureaformaldehyde, they are constantly seeking new ways to recycle, reduce, reuse, recover and renew. Most Century Flooring hardwood products are certified Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturing, Inc. (AHMI) Verified Sustainable. Century’s manufacturing process features patented PureBond Technology. PureBond is a new innovation replacing ureaformaldehyde. Traditionally used in the manufacturing of composite wood products. This reduces the addition of unnecessary formaldehyde in our engineered wood floors, resulting in lower emissions – which may contribute to better indoor air quality.


Century Arlington Oak This new style features eight new colors that will fit just about any decor from modern to rustic. Just a little character that will add highlight to what a True Hardwood should look like.

Century Barnwell Handscraped Rustic Scrap is a 5″ rustic solid that will add beauty to any home from the rustic cabin to the modern design

Century Builder’s Choice Satin Finish Quality solid oak floors in your choice of semi-gloss or satin finish. Two width options are available in all colors.

Century Builder’s Choice Semi-Closs If you like a low luster that show less dirt and traffic mark then the low luster is a good choice, it’s far less cleaning and more living

 Century Cabot Oak Solid Hardwood flooring in three widths maybe you would like a mix. The Cabot Series has whatever width you may need at a very good price.

Century Durham Hickory is a natural hickory that comes in three sizes, if you want t a random width hickory flooring that with fill any room with beauty then check it out.

Century Elite oak solid by Century is consisted of select & better giving you that really clean upper end look at a very reasonble price. If you are looking for a floor that looks great with any deco that comes in a 2 1/4″ strip and a 3 1/4″ plank.

Century Luceme is a beautiful engineered 3″ and 5″ with a satin finish, you’re going to love it.

Century Rustic Scraped is a 5″ engineered hickory scraped product, perfect for any home.

Century Yardley Maple come in three sizes you can mix or use single, four colors to choose from. You can mix this product but make sure you check with one of our sale reps. to make sure you purchase the right amount of each size.

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