Premium Bamboo Hardwoods Flooring



Dalton Wholesale Floors is now offering the Bamboo Hardwoods line.  Bamboo Hardwoods has dedicate their time and effort to resourcing sustainable bamboo for the purpose of creating and maintaining beautiful bamboo flooring.  Their design and ability to innovate has created a product that is of a higher quality than other bamboo brands.  By sourcing the bamboo from a region that is condusive for harvesting a harder product, Bamboo Hardwoods has created a product that can withstand more impact than traditional manufacturers.  They offer the traditional, strand-woven, and engineered strand-woven bamboo in many design colors.  They also offer various textures such as handscraped and wirebrushed versions.  Most of their products are FSC certified.  All their products are Carb 1 and Carb 2 Compliant with low VOCs.  So click on one of the collections below to shop over 35 different product choices.



Premium Bamboo Flooring has one of the best warranties on the market that’s why they call it premium, because everything is done right. This flooring will last a lifetime and you can be worry free about the refinishing every 5 years like a site job finish.



Welcome to the Arcade Line by Bamboo Hardwoods. This collection offers more premium flooring options for Bamboo enthusiasts. Bamboo Hardwoods boasts a whopping 3000psi Janka Scale rating which is more than twice as hard as oak. Not only can this particular line withstand more wear and tear than most others, but it is designed with the Unilin Uniclic system for easy installation. In most cases, this means BIG SAVINGS on installation at the time of install and even bigger savings in care & maintenance issues as this floor is one of the most dent and ding resistant floors in the industry.

Made from 100% genuine bamboo, manufactured to meet or exceed E-0 and CARB Phase 1 & 2 indoor air quality standards, constructed of the most durable bamboo with the Unilin Uniclic HDF core for ease of installation and backed by Bamboo Hardwoods 25 Year Finish Warranty due to their innovative and durable, multi-step finishing process along with a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Construkt Bamboo Hardwoods goes old school in this look on traditional plank look with a modern day finish. Solid vertical, horizontal, natural and carbonized, the Construkt collection has conspired to compete with current, classic hardwood floors, and Bamboo Hardwoods is doing this in a very modern way.
Utilizing an 8-step UV-cured, aluminum-oxide and acrylic urethane finish, Treffert Coatings has optimized bamboo hardwood flooring’s resistance to impacts, scratches and abrasions. While nothing is perfect, Bamboo Hardwoods and Treffert work diligently to provide perfection to bring about the best bamboo in the business.

Introducing the first engineered bamboo wood floor designed with you in mind! Bamboo Hardwoods Hybrid Line Hardwood Flooring has surpassed the standard in this new line of wood floors. Made to exceed the hardness of any other wood flooring on the market, this 3000 psi Janka scale rated, 100% all-natural, strand-woven, multi-ply, cross-grained, engineered bamboo floor is designed to be installed anywhere in your home.
Like the cars, roofs, solar panels, metals, fuels, and even crops before them, hardwood floors have entered into the age of the Hybrid technology. The Hybrid line from Bamboo Hardwoods is the status quo for conserving natural resources for years to come. Not only can these floors be installed over various radiant heating systems, but they can be installed virtually anywhere in your home and will stand the test of time with the Treffert Coating’s patented 8-coat finishing system. Utilizing the aluminum-oxide/acrylic hardening components, Bamboo Hardwoods provides the flooring that will provide a better future for our children.

Now presenting Bamboo Hardwood’s Loft Line! The bamboo wood floor designed with you in mind! The Loft Collection exceed the standard in this new line of wood flooring products made to exceed the hardness of any other wood flooring on the market. This 3000 psi Janka scale rated, 100% all-natural, strand-woven, multi-ply, cross-grained, engineered bamboo floor is made to be installed on all levels of your home.

The Suite line by Bamboo Hardwood’s is the cutting edge of flooring products in today’s market. With a Janka scale rating of 3000 psi, this floor is meant to last. Treffert Coating’s has offered its expertise in providing one of the most advanced, strongest, aluminum-oxide/acrylic urethane finishes in the industry. Now with such luxurious styles and patterns as the Suite Tiger, Suite Bourbon and Suite Roasted, this collection of smooth and wire-brushed bamboo wood floors is sure to give your home the unique look you’ve always wanted but could never find