DWF/ROBERTS 1540 ALL-IN-ONE Urethan Flooring Adhesive

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  • All-IN-ONE Sound reducer, moisture barrier, 1/8 crack suppressant and bonding system.
  • Remains flexible to expand and contact with wood flooring.
  • Ideal for use over radiant heat subfloors and to install rubber flooring.

Roberts 1540 is a single step, 100% solids moisture-cure polyurethane adhesive formulated to bond engineered wood, solid wood. bamboo and teak flooring to concrete, plywood and other approved substrates develops a permanent bond and remains flexible to withstand expansion and contraction of the flooring without stressing the adhesive. Control on concrete up to 20 lbs. MVER 90% RH once cured the adhesive forms a water resistant membrane. It also bridges no structural cracks in concrete up to 1/8″ . This adhesive is suitable for use with radiant heat systems.?


The coverage on this product is around 135 sq/ft per 4 gallon pale.


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