Phenix carpet Griffith Park



Introducing Prospect & Griffith Park by Phenix, carpet with character and distinct hues that will enhance any home. STAINMASTER® carpet is durable, stain and soil resistant, and easy to clean carpet made from 100% SuperiaSD™ Solution Dyed BCF Nylon 6,6. Prospect Park & Griffith Park are available in 12 expressive colors, and these products offer a lifetime warranty covering stain, static shock and pet urine stains. Phenix carpet Griffith Park is pet friendly it has 100% stainmaster which helps you be able to clean up your mess before it stains your carpet. If you have any high trafficking areas in your home or if you have any in home pets or small children that like to make many messes this Pheinx carpet Griffith Park would be a great choice. Phenix carpet Griffith Park  has 12 colors that they offer of amazing colors to fit any style your needing.        




  • Product: Griffith Park
  • Appearance: Casual
  • Patterned Repeat: NA





100% Stainmaster

Pet Friendly



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