Phenix carpet Etched



Etched, by Phenix, features a sensational blend of textural pattern and color. This product is available in 9 original blends of color & crafted from SureSoftSD™ soft solution dyed P.E.T. polyester fiber, ensuring superior softness and comfort underfoot-make it the foundation of your home’s design.

Phenix carpet Etched is “SureSoftSD” which implies that it is soft to touch. This product would be perfect for your underfoot comfort. The color to this product stays very clear with years to come.

Phenix carpet Etched is inherent stain resistant which means that it will absorb little to no liquids. Phenix carpet Etched would be great if you have any in home pets, small children or any high trafficking rooms in your home. 





  • Product: Etched
  • Appearance: Patterned
  • Patterned Repeat: 10.00 W, 9.00 L




100% Soft Solution Dyed Polyester

Pet Friendly

Polyester fiber 


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