Mohawk Jasmine laminate is an exotic look laminate in the Mohawk laminate line. The exotic looks make this laminate a real winner for someone looking for an exotic look at a fraction of the cost of exotic hardwood flooring. The real looks and visuals of the Mohawk Jasmine line make this a real winner.      




Appearance: Wood
Species: Amendoim
Embossing: Oil Rubbed
Thickness: 8mm
Length: 47.25″
Width: 4.88″
Carton Size: 19.13 S/F        




The Mohawk Jasmine Laminate is a perfect example of why an exotic alternative is just as good as actual exotic hardwood. It’s just as good and comes as protected as anything you’ve seen on the market. It has an oil rubbed embossing and a natural wood appearance. The looks and protection it gives you is the best quality for the fraction of the cost of buying actual hardwood.






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