Mohawk Revwood Festivalle Laminate is a collection of classically colored flooring with the look of real hardwood floors, in cherry, walnut, maple, and oak. Laminate floors are easier to keep clean, and this collection installs easily with the Uniclic system. A 20 Year Residential Finish Warranty keeps your floor looking new.   




Width: 7.5″
Thickness: 7mm
Length: 47.25″
Installation: Uniclic
Warranty: 20 Year Residential Finish Warranty
Carton Size: 19.63 Square Feet      




The Mohawk Festivalle Laminate gives off the classic hardwood feel. It comes in the most natural and classic colors that make it seem just like hardwood and keeping the easiness and affordable price of laminate. Mohawk Festivalle Laminate comes with a 20 year warranty after it assures you the best of quality and protection. 






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