Lakeside offers the chic, clean look of smooth Maple with a matte finish. The character of each plank is somewhat rustic, with nice graining and high natural variation. The overall effect is simple yet sophisticated. Shaw is well known in the industy to raise the bar with innovative technology and new design. A shaw flooring has been tested and tested again to make sure that it will hold up under the wear and tear a floor may come under everyday.





  • Coverage: 26.01 sq. ft.
  • Length: Random Lengths
  • Width:5″
  • Thickness:1/2″
  • Weight:55.00 LBS
  • Species:Maple
  • Construction:Engineered Hardwood
  • Install Type:Staple/Glue Down/Floating
  • Warranty 50 year





Shaw Lakeside Hardwood takes the amazing looks of both rustic planks and smoother more refined planks. Mixing both into one gives a new, unique look that you haven’t seen on the market. It takes that rustic side and makes it more sophisticated to make it fit with the smoother maple look. With all these colors and patterns, the matte-finish that the planks have bring out the color in a way never seen before. They are reliable against anything and a have a 50-year warranty. 




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