Mohawk Northhaven 7″ Wide Boards



Mohawk has three beautiful colors in the Northhaven 1/2″ thick engineered product that is 7″ wide. Mohawk is innovative with every step of the manufacturing process, from lifetimes structura warrantiesl to one of the best finishes on the market. Most modern houses have larger rooms making a wide floor a much better choice. In the 50’s and 60’s the rooms were small, so many customers used a strip product, but that same strip flooring is much to busy looking in the mordern large room. Choose Mohawk’s wide board and relax knowing you have made the best possible choice for your home.    





Coverage: 35.04 sq. ft.

Length: Random Length

Width: 7″

Thickness: 1/2″


Construction: Engineered Hardwood

Install Type: Staple / Glue / Nail / Float






This is a 7″ wide engineered product that comes in three colors and is a 1/2″ thick.



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