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Bruce Dundee Plank Solid is a product that can be mixed to give you a very diverse and  beautiful floor. This product has a 50 year warranty on it and can be refinished many times if needed. Bruce Dundee Plank comes in 5″ solid if you are just looking for a wide floor that will fill up any room and give you that comfortable look. Bruce flooring has been around for decades and is the most well know name in hardwood flooring.  Bruce Dundee Plank is one of the best known solids on the market.     




Species: Oak
Styles: Plank, Wide Plank
3/4 IN X 3 1/4 IN X Varying Lengths: 9 – 84 IN,
3/4 IN X 3 IN X Varying Lengths: 12 – 84 IN,
3/4 IN X 4 IN X Varying Lengths: 12 – 84 IN, and
3/4 IN X 5 IN X Varying Lengths: 12 – 84 IN
Construction Type: Solid
Edge: Micro Edge/Square Ends
Finish: Dura-Luster Plus Urethane
Installation: Nail On or Above Ground Level
Warranty: 50 Year Residential Warranty, Lifetime Structural Warranty, Pre-Installation Defects Warranty
Bruce Hardwood Warranty PDF       




Bruce Dundee Plank comes with a 50 year warranty and a lifetime structural warranty.     

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