Shaw Carpet Be Present is an amazing product to consider when trying to pick out a floor. You my think that since this collection doesn’t have as many color options as many other collections, that the quality of the floor itself is lesser. That is not the case for this collection. While this collection does not have as many options as others, it has something many of those other floors don’t have. This collection is made from a 100% Eco Solution Nylon. This means that even though you don’t have as many colors to choose from, you have the privilege to say that your floor is 100% Economically Friendly.         





Grade-1st Quality
Face Weight-26.0
Total Weight-61.7
Fiber Brand-Anso Caress
Fiber Content-100% Eco Solution Qù Nylon / PhiladelphiaContract
Residential or Commercial- Residential 





Shaw Carpet Be Present is a unique collection on its own. While other collections have many desirable features like 60 colors or very long warranties, this floor has its own share of amazing features. With the 100% Eco Solution Nylon material used in the floor, you can feel environmentally friendly with your floor. This floor also features a unique pattern in design in each of the color options. This can give you the feeling of having something different than most of the other options. Both being very desirable qualities, this floor is definitely one to consider. 


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