Shaw Carpet has been a trusted company that’s been around for years to bring the best quality performance nation wide. They are made to withstand heavy traffic and still look great all year long. Use Shaw’s Carpet All Access and there will be nothing you will dislike about it, other than you wanting to get it for free! Guaranteed you will never use another carpet brand again. 

Width 12.00
Grade 1st Quality 
Surface Type Textured Cut Pile
Gauge 1/8
Backing Synthetic
Construction Textured Loop
Face Weight 26.0
Total Weight 061.4
Fiber Brand Mill Brand
Fiber Content 100% Solution Q Nylon
Pattern Match 1/2″ X 1″ HD
Residential or Commercial Comm
Warranty 10 Year Commercial Stain Warranty, Lifetime Commercial Limited Warranty 


If you’re looking for more information about our Shaw All Access, please call Dalton Wholesale Floors at 844-744-7558 and we would be happy to help you complete your order.



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