Phenix carpet invigorate


Phenix carpet Invigorate is inviting textural effect of Invigorate has a unique pinpoint color play, features 12 colors and is made from 100% Opulence HD fiber. Opulence HD is and exclusive solution-dyed PET fiber which yeilds a soft hand with a beautiful “suede” like texture. Phenix carpet Invigorate has a fiber combined with the added protection of Microban® antimicrobial technology and SureFresh™ odor capture technology creates a carpet that’s smarter about staying beautiful, cleaner and fresher. Phenix carpet Invigorate has many amazing features that would benefit you in many ways, if you had any in home pets , small children, or and high trafficking area’s in your home this product would be perfect for you.


  • Product: Invigorate
  • Appearance: Casual
  • Patterned Repeat: NA


Pet Friendly 




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