Phenix carpet Fresh Take



Fresh Take, Smart Play, Modern Perspective– Add fresh color, modern comfort and style to your home and the softness you desire with this new collection. Presented in 16 dynamic colors, these carpets will bring your personal expression to life.

Phenix carpet Fresh Take is a SureSoftSD which insures that it is soft to touch, it has a fiber that is 100% soft solution that is dyed with P.E.T polyester. Phenix carpt Fresh Take offers superior softness and tactile comfort with amazing  clear color articulation to give you great quality for years to come. 

Phenix carpet Fresh Take i an active inherent stain resistant, which mean it absorbs little to liquids, so if you have in home pets or high trafficking rooms in your home this would be a perfect choice. 





  • Product: Fresh Take
  • Appearance: Casual
  • Patterned Repeat: NA






SD Polyester

Pet Friendly



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