Phenix carpet Flourish



Flourish is a multi-color patterned carpet that utilizes innovative cut and loop technology, which allows for varying amounts of cut versus loop. Offers 12 unique combinations of colors that become visible at varying points in the construction to create a unique sculpted look and is crafted from 100% Opulence HD fiber. This new fiber combined with the added protection of Microban® antimicrobial technology, and SureFresh™ odor capture technology creates a carpet that’s smarter about staying beautiful, cleaner and fresher.

Phenix carpet Flourish as a lot of amazing and beneficial factors to it. Surefresh is an odor capture technology that creates a carpet that is smarter about staying beautiful, cleaner and fresher.

OpulenceHD is a exclusive solution dyed PET fiber which yields a soft hand with a beautiful “suede” like texture. Phenix carpet Flourish has a Microban which is built in antimicrobial technology with lifetime protection against the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria and mold.

Phenix carpet Flourish this product is a very unique and sculpted look and is crafted with many incredible features. If your choose this product you would have an amazing look in your home.          





  • Product: Flourish
  • Appearance: Patterned
  • Patterned Repeat: null






Opulence HD


Pet Friendly



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