Phenix carpet First Light



It’s time to toss those fuzzy slippers and treat your feet to real luxury. The premium carpets in our First Light & Daybreak series have been created using SureSoftSD™ 100% Soft Solution Dyed P.E.T. Polyester fiber. Whether you’re casual and spontaneous or elegant and tailored, with 16 gorgeous hues to choose from, we’re confident these sublimely supple floor coverings will be the perfect complement to your signature style.

Phenix carpet First Light is 100% soft solution, so no more feeling like you need house shoes on in your home this product will take away that rough surface in your home and replace it with a soft to touch under foot.

Phenix carpet First Light is dyed with P.E.T polyester fibers to make this product soft to touch. Phenix carpet First Light also has an amazing clear color articulation, which means for long lasting beautiful looks for your flooring and it is inherent stain resistant which mean it will absorb little to no liquids.         





  • Product: First Light
  • Appearance: Casual
  • Patterned Repeat: NA





100% Sure SoftSD

Inherent Stain Resistant

Pet Friendly

Clear Color Articulation



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