Introducing Filigree, a new style by Phenix that boasts a unique fretwork pattern paired with randomized color. Sure to be noticed, this carpet will be an exquisite addition to your home. Filigree is available in 9 gorgeous tones and crafted from SureSoftSD™ soft solution dyed P.E.T. polyester fiber, ensuring superior softness and comfort underfoot-make it the foundation of your home’s design.

Phenix carpet Filigree is suresoft which is ensuring you to feel great comfort on your underfoot take. So after a long day at work and you are just wanting to relax this carpet would be the perfect choice for you.

Phenix carpet Filigree is inherent stain resistant which means the fibers will absorb little to no liquids. This product would be great in high trafficking rooms especially with little ones that like to make man messes. Phenix carpet Filigree has a color articulation for long lasting amazing looks for your home.





  • Product: Filigree
  • Appearance: Patterned
  • Patterned Repeat: 10.00 W, 9.00 L      




100% Soft Solution

Polyester Fiber

Clear Color Articulation 


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