Phenix Carpet Esprit



Introducing Esprit, stylish patterned carpets offered in 9 attractive colors that are sure to complement any personal décor. Esprit features a subtle organic leaf in its motif, and is manufactured from SureSoftSD. Updated colors have been combined to create drama on the floor!
Phenix Carpet Esprit is offers superior softness and tactile comfort, clear color articulation and inherent stain resistant.
Inherent stain resistant mean that it provides the Phenix Carpet Esprit to absorb little to no liquids.
Phenix Carpet Esprit is pet friendly and is perfect for high trafficking areas in your home.






  • Product: Esprit
  • Color Name: Contented
  • Color Number: 08
  • Appearance: Patterned
  • Color Tone: ColorFull/Medium
  • Patterned Repeat: 6.00 W, 6.00 L





Sure Soft SD

Inherent Stain Resistant


Pet Friendly



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