The Van Gogh Collection from Karndean International is a great commerial vinyl product. The planks are 48″ X 7″ long to give you a distinctive look that will look good in any home, office, or commercial setting. The product is designed with real wood grain and color appearance to allow the true beauty of a real hardwood floor. Several exotic and domestic species are available in many colors. The product is backed by a 15 year commercial warranty and a lifetime residential warranty. The Barnwood longstrip has two colors to choose from that offer a more rustic look, while the Grandewood longstrip has many patterns that will give you any look you desire.       




Thickness: 3mm
Beveled Edge: No
Box Quantity: 35 S/F
Warranty: 15 year residential and 10 Commercial
Dimensions: 48″ x 7″       




Karndean Van Gogh Vinyl features one of the best wooden floors. It is made to have the most natural wood look you can almost possibly have. This floor is all about natural beauty and natural attraction. However, while it does mostly focus on beauty, this floor is also made to be very durable and reliable against traffic and possibilities of issues. And, with its 15-year residential warranty and 10-year commercial warranty, the floor will last as long as you have it. 






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