The Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Plank Viviero Better Series has a nice palette of sophisticated colors and species to choose from.  Armstrong’s Luxury Vinyl Plank patented Diamond 10 scratch resist technology, you can be sure that your floor will stay in great condition through thick and thin.  Lets be honest here, all floors will scratch at some point or another.  But what you have to do is choose which will will outlast the other.  In comes the Armstrong Vivero.  Enjoy your waterproof flooring.      




Vivero Better Glue Down
Performance Class: Better
Warranty Residential Warranty : 30 years
Commercial Warranty : 10 years
Layer Diamond 10 Technology
Gloss Level: Low Gloss
Width: 48 in.
Length 4.5 in.
Sq. Foot per Carton: 36.04
Installation DIY Level: Experienced
Installation Method: Full spread       




Armstrong Vivero Better Glue Down features a bunch of very sophisticated and luxurious colors and styles that give you a very attractive floor. It also has a scratch resist technology that keeps the floor in great condition for years to come. This floor will last longer than others on the market. It has a 30-year Residential Warranty and a 10-year Commercial Warranty. 






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