When Bella Cera makes a wire brushed they put a lot of skill into it, the skill it take to make a beautiful hardwood flooring.Twice the dramatic style. Twice the dazzling impact. Welcome to modern hardwood beauty the Chalmers 2-Tone Collection. Flooring custom-crafted from the finest character-grade French Oak and Hickory finished with a dual splash of invention. 2-Tone features an unprecedented dual staining process with one color applied to (and enlivening) the wood grain and the second tone lying underneath. Each shade stays true, never mixing, eternally unique in clarity, transparency and hue. And yet complementing one another to produce a stunning visual effect. Embrace beauty times two today!       




• 1/2” Thick x 7.5” Width x 72” Length (85%)
• 100% Urethane 2 Tone Matte Finish
• Wood Grain Tone: Light Gray
• Background Tone: Light Beige
• Surface Wire Brushed and Distressed        




Palmetto Road Chalmers gets a wire-brushed texture from the best of the best. It’s made to look as beautiful as possible. It brings it twice the amount of beauty as it would if it were just regular wood. There’s very nice French Oak and Hickory finishes on the planks to give them a nice look. 






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