Harris Foothills Wirebrushed Engineered Hickory



Harris Wood has introduced their new Foorhills. Its a 3/8″ x 5″ wirebrushed hickory and oak product that has the look of a century old floor. Wirebrushing originatesfrom days way back before machinery was used to produce flooring. In order to get the surface as smooth as possible, manufacturers would use steel wires to brush the surface down creating the “wirebrush” look. As the flooring industry evolves, consumers are looking more and more into old, antique style flooring. This is where the Harrs Wood Foothills line comes into place. Offered in 5 desirale colors, this product would fit into most homes decor, from the beach house on the water, to the comtemporary high loft apartments in the cities. This product is not just being featured in old Georgian style country homes.       




Thickness: 3/8″
Width: 5″
Carton Size: 34 sq/ft
Lengths: Random Up to 46 1/2″
Finish: FinishLoc
Construction: Engineered Tongue and Groove
Installation: Floating, Nail, Staple, Glue        




This product comes in a 5″ wide engineered tongue and grove that can be floated nailed or glued.




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