Shaw Sound Advice carpet tiles appear to be a solid colored tile from the distance, but are actually a multi-colored tile that utilizes various color fibers to create each tiles overall color pallet. This floor tile collection comes in 16 colors and can be used as flooring for an entire room or as a custom area rug. These carpet tile squares are very easy to install only needing double-sided tape for most installations. Installation of carpet tile is easier than installation of broadloom carpet and carpet tiles are just as easy to clean and maintain as broadloom carpeting. These modular floor tiles are also very environmentally friendly using recycled materials for both the backing and fibers, making them the perfect product for anyone looking to go ‘Green’. Sound Advice tiles are backed by a lifetime warranty, and are sure to last for as long as you own your flooring.        





  • Sound Advice Tile 54488
  • None
  • Textured Loop
  • Tile
  • 100% Solution Q Nylon
  • EcoWorx® Tile
  • 100% Solution Dyed
  • 22
  • Lifetime Commercial Limited





The Shaw Sound Advice Carpet Tile is one of our options that can suit any persons style or preference. Depending on how you see and use the carpet, you can see different styles and colors within each carpet option. This specific carpet tile is a great decision for people who love having a certain appeal with their floors, and also for those who like to support the environment by using recycled materials. As our carpets are made of recycled materials for our nylon and backing. 




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