Shaw Shout Carpet Tiles is a 22 oz. solution dyed nylon with a lifetime warranty.  Carpet tile is a very good solution for those hard to get to places, such as high rise building and maybe you would like to do it yourself. Really, rolls good carpet isn’t for the DIY person. Carpet tiles come in cartons and can be glued down. Lastly if you have a spill just pill it up and replace it, no problem. 






  • Multi Level Pattern Loop
  • Tile
  • Solution Q Nylon
  • EcoWorx® Tile
  • Solution Dyed
  • 16.0
  • Lifetime Stain, Lifetime Performance





Shaw Shout Carpet Tiles are a 22 oz. solution dyed nylon with a lifetime warranty on them. They are one of the more easier floors to manage and take care of, plus they have a really beautiful look. Being tiles, you can set them down and pick them up with ease. This is good for either when you decide to change floors, or if your current floor gets ruined. It’s an easy and reliable floor you should consider.


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