Teragren Solid and Engineered Bamboo Flooring

Teragren specializes in bamboo flooring and uses only Moso bamboo, the highest quality bamboo on the market today. Moso bamboo is grown at least 5 years, sustainably harvested, and transformed into stellar flooring with environmentally safe materials that surpass environmental standards. Teragren’s bamboo is durable: Teragren is 25% harder than red oak, and Teragren Synergy is 154% harder than red oak.

Teragren has a highly developed sense of style with a style and color for every occassion. If you’re looking for a standard solid bamboo floor in 3 5/8″ widths and random lengths, look atSignature Naturals or Signature Colors for more color choices. For unfinished flooring, try Signature Naturals Site-Finished. Spectrum and Elements come in 3 5/8″ widths and 3′ lengths, and Elements is the more economical choice.

Teragren also has styles with wider and longer planks, more color choices, engineered constructions, and enhanced durability. Craftsman has 6″ wide solid planks with impressive lengths of 72″ in standard colors, and Craftsman II has 5 1/2″ wide solid planks with impressive lengths of 75 1/2″ in standard colors. Studio Floating has 7 11/16″ wide engineered planks in standard colors. Synergy has 3 3/4″ wide engineered planks in random lengths, Synergy 10mm is a thinner version of Synergy for large-scale projects that require an entry-level product, and Synergy Floating has 7 11/16″ wide engineered planks. Synergy styles feature enhanced durability. Four color choices are available for Synergy and Synergy Floating, and two are available for Synergy 10mm.